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Young Talents Award

The Young Talents Award provides an opportunity for young designers to show off their best design projects. The competition is open to all design professions. The deadline to apply for the Young Talents Award 2013 is 19 October 2012.

The Young Talents Award is aimed at Norwegian and foreign students at Norwegian design colleges, as well as Norwegians studying design abroad. Young Talents can also be awarded to new professionals with up to three years of experience.

There are two categories in the Young Talents Award: Open Class and Design for All.

Jury guidelines

Open Class category
The jury will attach importance to innovative and well prepared ideas/products and services that excel in improving society in one or more ways. Innovation is the successful development of new ideas.

This may take the form of a completely new style, a new area of use, a new solution to a familiar problem, the use of new technology, new materials, a new target group or it may be a system that will have a new impact on our everyday lives. The product or the solution must take into account the principles of environmentally friendly design.

Design for All category
By developing new products that include both disabled and non-disabled individuals of all ages, we will have come some way towards a more inclusive society.

The jury will attach importance to compliance with the seven principles of universal design. Participants shall demonstrate how their products are available to the largest possible user group, including both disabled and non-disabled individuals.

Design qualities are otherwise emphasised in the same way as in the Open Class category. The product/solution must take into account the principles of environmentally friendly design.

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