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Håg Futu - Office chair

picture of the Håg Futu office chair

Photo: Pål Laukli


HÅG and Kode Design are awarded the 2009 Environment Prize for their office chair, HÅG Futu.

The office furniture manufacturer HÅG is a company which dares to make environmental considerations its top priority. This is a positive differentiating factor in an industry where ecodesign has not traditionally been particularly widespread.

As a result of the chair's special design, less material is used. For instance, HÅG Futu does not have any foam in its back. The metal is not chrome-plated and mechanical solutions are used instead of adhesive in the design. 98% of the chair can be recycled. The fact that the chair is manufactured in Røros, fairly close to large parts of the market, means that HÅG is more environmentally friendly than its competitors on the transport side too. HÅG Futu is also a high-quality office chair, which will be a good environmental argument in itself for a long time.

The jury praises HÅG for the way they integrate environmental factors as a natural, equal element in the design process, with a life cycle perspective. In this case, the Environmental Prize winner is a good example of how Norwegian industry can use environmental benefits as an innovative edge, which both HÅG and the environment stand to gain from.

Company: HÅG AS

Project group company: Prosjektleder, Christian Lodgaard, HÅG - Produktutvikler, Ivar Bordvik, HÅG - Produktutvikler, Halstein Kvangraven, HÅG - Produktutvikler, Sigmund Øvereng, HÅG - Produktutvikler, Stein Hæskja, HÅG - Tekstilutvikler, Pernille Jensen Stoltze, HÅG - Tapetseringsutvikler, Geir Bedin, HÅG - Tapetseringsutvikler, Arild Grøttan, HÅG - Prosjekteier, Hilde Britt Mellbye, HÅG

Design: Kode Design

Project group design company: HÅG Design Studio + Leif Isachsen, Kode Design / Marianne Støren Berg, Kode Design

Award / year: Special Awards - 2009

Category: Sustainability Design Award

PUBLISHED 11.03.2009 16:59

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