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The sky is the limit

Netlife Research

Photo: Netlife Research


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Ground-breaking and recognisable

Netlife Research offer services within user experiences, regardless of technological platform. The company wants to break the boundaries of what web design can be, and starts with itself. The company wanted to collect a range of services and brands together under an identity that is easy to recognise.

Green men on the same planet

Netlife Research has achieved a refreshing identity with many facets, in a language that is “straight to the point”. It is playful and joyful, as is the company’s creative working environment. Every employee has an avatar, in the form of a funny figure, within the same universe. The lines are naive, and make the technological human, disarming and inviting. At the same time, it is wild enough to reflect the new and young driving forces within the company. The design is message driven, and everything is bound together by a strong, recognisable shade of green.

This is good communication, and differentiates the company within a market where anything is possible.

Company: Netlife Research

Project group company: Design: Thord Veseth Foss and Inge Fossland (Netlife Research)
Illustrator, Netlife Research: Pablo Lobato
Wall painting: Bendik Kaltenborn
Interior architects: Eriksen + Skajaa
Illustrator, Webdagene 2011: Rami Niemi

Design: Netlife Research

Award / year: Award for Design Excellence - 2012

Category: Visual communication

PUBLISHED 27.04.2012 11:01

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