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The Magic Formula of Design

VIDEO: We know really great innovations have a much higher success rate if designers are brought in as part of a multi disciplinary team. But what do they really bring to the table?

Bruce Nussbaum will address this topic in a conversation on stage with Tore Ulstein - CEO Ulstein Group , Anna Kirah - Chief Experience Officer in Making Waves, Chris Hosmer – Managing Director for Continuum Shanghai and Katinka von der Lippe – Head of Design at Eker design. The audience are invited to engage too!

He starts with an introduction talk on Creative Intelligence:

A recent IBM survey of CEOs identified creativity as the most important attribute of future leaders in their companies, but creativity–like innovation and design thinking–is a difficult term to define.Bruce Nussbaum’s new book, Creative Intelligence, takes a giant step forward in explaining what creativity is within the context of organizations, why it is more important now than ever before, and how to foster it. Bruce will share with us his most inspiring thoughts.

Foto: Webcast.

The video is a recording of the Design day 2013 on 17th april. Produced by PI Studios/Webcast and is 51 minutes and 2 seconds long. The introduction movie is produced by Govertsen film.

PUBLISHED 29.04.2013 12:54

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