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Innovating for Value

VIDEO: With Chris Hosmer, Managing Director, Shanghai, Continuum. Continuum is a global design and innovation consultancy located in Boston, Los Angeles, Shanghai and Seoul.

The dynamics of emerging economies force individuals and organizations to continuously create new ways to innovate in their local markets. Chris brings over a decade of design strategy and research experience to catalyze innovation for, and within, organizations. With an experience-focused design approach Chris has created award winning product and service strategies for international brands in consumer package goods, telecommunications, consumer electronics, hospitality and healthcare. Chris’ particular area of expertise is envisioning non-obvious future solutions.

Unstable economic conditions and a weak ecosystem, where anything could break at anytime, make creatives more resilient, adaptable, and faster moving. In this shifting environment, creating sustainable businesses with strong and innovative models is a key challenge for businesses designers. Defining value for end users constantly evolves in emerging markets. Therefore, knowing how to identify what will be a valuable product offering or proposition is paramount and is markedly different than in developed economies. Chris Hosmer will share fresh insights into what will be the next value equation by presenting the advantages of an entrepreneurial perspective and a new definition of the creative class, from emerging to advanced economies.

Foto: Webcast.

The video is a recording of the Design day 2013 on 17th april. Produced by PI Studios/Webcast and is 40 minutes and 54 seconds long.

PUBLISHED 29.04.2013 12:53

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