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The Workshop Diaries

VIDEO: Want to relive the European Business Workshops in Inclusive Design 2012? Or did you miss out on the opportunity to take part? Here are all the plenary sessions on video. Watch, enjoy – and share!

  • Inclusive Marketing and Communication

    Inclusive Marketing and Communication

    VIDEO: Mature Market Specialist Kevin Lavery gave the Workshop's inspirational lecture.  Les mer

  • Inclusive Design – 10 Myths

    Inclusive Design – 10 Myths

    VIDEO: Jeremy Myerson busting myths and setting the context for the three workshops in Oslo.  Les mer

  • Products and Services

    Products and Services

    VIDEO: «I can't believe we did this is two hours and a half. We normally have a two year masters programme for this!» Here's Nick and Rama summing up...  Les mer

  • Communication and Marketing

    Communication and Marketing

    VIDEO: How to be inclusive marketing communication?   Les mer

  • Digital Solutions

    Digital Solutions

    VIDEO: Four major sections of making digital solutions more inclusive in a couple of hours. This is Riita and Mike's workshop sum-up.  Les mer

  • The Business of Inclusive Design

    The Business of Inclusive Design

    VIDEO: – Design with values to create value! Relive the Head of Service Design at the Royal College of Art in London's lecture.  Les mer

  • The Social Value of Inclusive Design

    The Social Value of Inclusive Design

    VIDEO: – Quite simply it's about improving life! Rama Gheerawo talks about the social value of inclusive design.  Les mer

  • The Challenge Brief

    The Challenge Brief

    VIDEO: On Thursday 7th of June four teams of designers met each other for the first time and were assigned the task of designing an inclusive product or...  Les mer

  • The Challenge Award Ceremony

    The Challenge Award Ceremony

    VIDEO: After 24 hours of intense innovation, and without as much as a nap, one can use a little confetti. And some praise from a minister.  Les mer

  • Myerson's Conclusions

    Myerson's Conclusions

    VIDEO: The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design Director's chosen highlights from two days of workshops in Oslo.  Les mer

  • Highlights of Innovation for All 2012

    Highlights of Innovation for All 2012

    VIDEO: Two days of business workshops in inclusive design in just about 10 minutes.  Les mer