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Photo: Magne Sandnes / Grandpeople


Profile programme and new brand organic gourmet restaurant

Organic fine dining

Two enthusiasts from the restaurant industry and an ecology enthusiast found each other, and set themselves the goal of establishing Norway’s first gourmet restaurant based on purely organic foods. They wanted a visual profile with national and international appeal. Maaemo means “mother earth” in Finnish.

Putting Norway on the new Nordic food map

The restaurant has received a controlled and sober identity, where the agency has demonstrated a restrained use of all means. It is modern, Scandinavian, Arctic, controlled, and extremely well crafted.

The logo is tactful, puritanical and sensitive. Menus and other elements are tapered like icebergs, and accompanied by small bags with poetry, photos and petit fours. The challenge within an extremely mature market has been great. The agency has chosen to break away from the organic food category completely, in a way that is successful and raises the level to gourmet restaurants of the highest class. Here, food plays the main role.

Company: Maaemo AS

Project group company: Jon Frede Engdahl, Maaemo
Esben Holmboe Bang, Maaemo
Pontus Dahlstrøm, Maaemo

Design: Uniform Strategisk Design AS

Project group design company: Project Manager - Pia Falk Lind, Uniform
Graphic designer - Torgeir Hjetland, Uniform
Graphic designer - Ludvig Bruenau Rossow, Uniform
Creative Manager - Camilla Hansteen, Uniform
Strategic Advisor - Erik Jansson, Uniform
Jørgen Eidem, Grandpeople AS

Award / year: Award for Design Excellence - 2012

Category: Visual communication

PUBLISHED 27.04.2012 10:51

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