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Dan Formosa

Dr. Dan Formosa is one of the founding members of Smart Design, a design firm based on the idea that design should be about people, not things. With a background in product design, he also holds a Masters and a Ph.D. in Ergonomics and Biomechanics.

Dan was a member of the design team that developed IBM’s first personal computer. In 1980 he helped establish Smart Design to explore ways in which design can impact peoples lives. In 1990 his work on the original line of OXO Good Grips kitchen tools helped them become an icon of Universal Design – design that works for everyone. Dan played a key role in conceiving SmartGauge, an instrument cluster for Ford’s 2010 hybrid cars designed to influence driving behavior and save fuel – a radical innovation for the auto industry. In the field of healthcare he has rethought products ranging from hospital attire to syringes. He speaks worldwide on topics that include design, methodologies and social responsibility.

Smart Design

Since its inception in 1980 Smart Design has been creating products and services based on a thorough understanding of people. Their design leadership is reflected not only in the work they do, but also in how they engage the design community, participate in public dialogue, and share their expertise, experiences and insight with the world at large. Smart Design has offices in New York, San Francisco and Barcelona.

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See video of the presentation

PUBLISERT 10.03.2010 13:44

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