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Laid- Packaging for sex toys


Laid AS is the first Norwegian company to design and manufacture sex toys for men and women. They have chosen an exclusive image in order to break away from the sex industry’s traditional style and at the same time remove preconceptions. The aim is for the quality and design of both the packaging and the product to create new sales arenas.

Jury`s verdict

Here we see packaging that breaks with the tradition of its industry. Such a strong and explicit use of packaging design sets it apart from the rest and provides the basis for reaching new target groups. The packaging communicates with new user groups through its simple and attractive design. The aesthetic shape of the product, the packaging solution and the packaging design itself combine to form a good overall concept.

By giving the product anonymity, the solution sets itself apart from competitors in its industry. The packaging solution demonstrates that it is designed to be used to store the product and to be long-lasting. The instructions for use for the product range indicate the areas of application of the product. An elegant guarantee card is included to heighten the quality experience of the product.

Company: Laid AS

Project group company: Laid AS: Karianne Rønning, Line Iren Andersen, Christian Barmen

Design: Skin Designstudio AS

Project group design company: Tord Sandholt, Skin Designstudio AS

Award / year: Award for Design Excellence - 2010

Category: Packaging design

PUBLISHED 24.02.2010 15:25

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