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Kavli majones - Mayonnaise tube

Photo: Isodor.no


Kavli mayonnaise has been on the mayonnaise market before, but without success. The time was ripe again to challenge the market leader, Mills.

In order to stand out from the competition, Kavli mayonnaise had to offer consumers something totally new. Thorough research in the form of consumer studies made it clear that the challenge lay in the choice of packaging solution.

Jury`s verdict

O. Kavli obtained consumer insight through qualitative and quantitative analyses. The results showed that consumers wanted to see a product where they can squeeze the packaging and determine the thickness of the strip themselves. This formed the basis of a user-led innovation process, which resulted in the launch of new Kavli mayonnaise tubes and flavours. With the new tube, the content is visible, the tube is made of a flexible material and goes back to its original shape after it has been squeezed. The cap provides three strip options.

This is the first time that a cap of this kind has been used in Norway. The cap is patented. The material in the tube meets mayonnaise quality standards. Here we see an operator that has applied itself, studied user requirements and then developed an entirely novel solution.

Company: O. Kavli AS

Project group company: Lise Godfrey , Kavli - Anders Quamme Fosse, Kavli - Staffan Forsberg, Kavli - Terje Alvestad, Kavli - Johan Barkentin, Tectubes - Johnny Smedberg - Grafiker Tectubes

Design: Strømme Throndsen Design, Edge Consultants

Project group design company: Tom Ingvoldstad, Edge Consulting - Sandra Janzsó, Edge Consulting - Siw Erikstad - Morten Throndsen , Strømme Throndsen Design - Nina Kristensen , Strømme Throndsen Design - Camilla Beck Sætre , Strømme Throndsen Design

Award / year: Award for Design Excellence - 2010

Category: Packaging design

PUBLISHED 24.02.2010 15:20

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