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Mi - defined entertainment - A TV concept where both content and interface are downloaded from the Internet

picture of MI

Photo: Ole Martin Kristiansen


IF YOU HAVE a MI TV at home, you will no longer just be a viewer; you will have the chance to be interactive at a totally different level.

You can take part in live debates from your sofa and set up programme schedules for yourself or the whole family. You decide yourself what you want to watch and you can fast-forward, rewind and stop, as well as add new programmes to your own playlists. You can also watch YouTube video clips or surf the net as MI can operate well as a web browser.

Jury`s verdict

MI is a good, well thought-out product in several areas and aspects. This product has a high technical quality and the visual appearance enhances it further. A large part of this product's success can be attributed to the fact that the user interface simply works. This overlap between a TV channel and the Internet is an innovative feature which many people have been wanting. The market for this is huge. Viewers now no longer need to think about which media channel the content is coming from. The designer is challenging the industry with this conceptual solution. A lot of hard work has been put into this.

Design: Ole Martin Kristiansen

Award / year: Young Talent Award - 2009

Category: Open class

PUBLISHED 11.03.2009 16:50

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