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LULL - Lamp with a timer

picture of the lamp in use

Photo: Audun Kolstad


LULL is a lamp that opens up in the morning, with a light that gradually increases in intensity. Correspondingly, it closes up at night, glowing warmly until it turns itself off.

The lamp is intended to hang in the bedroom and provide a more harmonious transition between day and night. It is directly inspired by flowers in nature and can be individually adapted to suit the user’s sleep cycle.

The jury's verdict:

LULL is based on a marvellous idea. This is a product designed to surprise, and many people will feel it meets a need. The lamp is easy to understand, is well conceived and is clearly developed in consultation with a psychologist and a sleep specialist. By achieving a more gradual transition between sleep and the waking state, it is easier to develop good sleeping habits, which in turn will give more energy.

LULL combines existing technology with a new form of expression, and represents a completely new approach to a challenging idea. The lamp is beautiful; it fits in well in a variety of environments and is highly functional.

Design: Marianne Varmo, Audun Kollstad og Heidi Buene

Award / year: Young Talent Award - 2008

Category: Open class

PUBLISHED 25.03.2008 10:37

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