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Vinmonopolet.no - The Norwegian Retail Monopoly

Vinmonopolet’s new website must be accessible to all and provide secure shopping opportunities for customers in areas that are not served by Vinmonopolet’s retail outlets. The web pages must also communicate Vinmonopolet’s expertise, and take into account the fact that its customers have differing needs and different levels of knowledge. At the same time, Vinmonopolet must comply with the current political guidelines concerning the marketing and sale of alcohol, and the dividing line between the provision of information and initiatives designed to promote sales can be extremely fine. 

The jury’s verdict:
Vinmonopolet’s web site solution is highly impressive, despite the designers’ exceedingly difficult and complex remit. The solution provided is surveyable. It has an aesthetic design and is easy to navigate. Vinmonopolet’s web pages communicate a love of food and wine, are educational and fun to use. A complex subject such as wine is thus made available to more people. The designers have taken into account the fact that different customers will approach the site from different angles, and have chosen to provide a number of entry points to help the user find the right wine. The solution gives the user the impression that he or she is wandering about a store with a knowledgeable sales assistant, and the user generally receives more knowledge than he or she asks for.

Company: Vinmonopolet

Project group company: Kristin Kjøge Jansson (Project manager), Hans Petter Gulbransen (Head of development), Hedvig K. Aarnes (System manager), Kristine Sanne (Information advisor), Solveig Prestvik (Head of the costumer centre) and Beate Alme (Project support, Creuna as) www.vinmonopolet.no

Design: Logica

Project group design company: Thomas Brændengen (Project manager), Jens Vinsrygg (Techical project manager), Kim Amundsen (System developer), Svein Åge Monsen (System developer), Mona Halland (Concept owner), Ingrid Tofte (Interaction Designer), Karl Johan Sæth (Informasjon arkitect), Inge Fossland (Graphic designer) and Espen Bergh (Costumer manager/advisor) www.wmdata.no

Award / year: Award for Design Excellence - 2007

Category: Interaction design

PUBLISHED 15.03.2007 18:00

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