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Peppe Pizza - Application for pizza delivery

Photo: Jonas Holten


Peppe’s contract states that customers will receive their food within one hour. Studies showed that there was a great deal of room for improvement in the procedures for delivering pizza.

One of the issues was that a lack of overview led to the delivery drivers always trying to deliver as quickly as possible, which can result in both stress and wrong deliveries. A new interactive system was developed in order to provide the control needed for deliveries.

Jury`s verdict

The solution is a pioneering example of product development at a time when digital aids are continually increasing in importance. At the same time, they need to be adapted to working situations and tasks, in particular for web browsers and search engines. By understanding the organisation and design, a solution has been developed that makes the application an indispensible service for Peppe’s delivery staff.

The solution is a brilliant example of what design can achieve when it is based on a good understanding of the situation. Through form and function a product has been developed that provides entirely new benefits and which has become part of the organisation’s internal service portfolio.

Company: Peppes Pizza AS

Project group company: Umoe Catering/Peppes Pizza: Henry Karlsen (prosjektleder, konseputvikling) , Computanse AS: (integrasjon mot backend), Ole Toft, Tormod Øverlier

Design: Logica Norge AS

Project group design company: Logica UX: Inge Fossland (konseptutvikling, art direction), Andreas Qvenild (konseptutvikling, grafisk design), Kjartan Bjørndal Michalsen (konseptutvikling, interaksjonsdesign).

Award / year: Award for Design Excellence - 2010

Category: Interaction design

PUBLISHED 24.02.2010 14:45

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