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Dagsavisen.no - Internet newspaper

picture of Dagsavisen.no

Dagsavisen no longer wished to be part of a joint solution used by more than 50 newspapers affiliated with A-pressen, and therefore developed its own, new website.

It has been important to develop a solution that clearly reflects the news of the day while maintaining an uncluttered appearance. They wish to produce a serious and meaningful internet newspaper.

The jury's verdict:

Dagsavisen has developed an uncluttered, structured presentation, which has been soberly processed. Fewer surfaces, conscious priorities and extremely good use of typography make the newspaper clear and easily surveyable, with a uniform visual expression.

A serious approach, good editorial control and focus on specific topics helps raise the level of discussion. Furthermore, it is liberating to see a reduction in the amount of advertising on the front page. This internet newspaper is in the process of establishing a category for itself in the Norwegian market.

Company: Dagsavisen

Design: WM-data, a LogicaCMG company

Award / year: Award for Design Excellence - 2008

Category: Interaction design

PUBLISHED 25.03.2008 10:33

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