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The sky is the limit


Foto: Simon Sivertsen/ Subwing AS


Under water wings

The art of flying under water

The idea of underwater flying was tested on a father and son sailing trip using driftwood and rope from the shore. This was the start of an entirely new underwater activity reminiscent of the sea turtle’s graceful gliding.

Subwing consists of two joined wings made of carbon and fibreglass that are towed after a boat while the user steers with one hand on each wing.

Product for a new water sport

Penguins and sea turtles use the water like birds use the air. By using wings underwater, the founders of Subwing have discovered the key to performing fast acrobatic manoeuvres under the surface of the water.

Subwing is a unique product that gives us a whole new way to experience the sea. The jury thinks it can define a completely new activity for all those who like extreme sports and playing with natural elements. Subwing is a beautifully crafted product. The steering and ergonomics work well and the aesthetics are totally in line with the style of the extreme sports industry.

Company: Subwing AS

Project group company: Simon Sivertsen
Kjetil Sivertsen
Erlend Heiseldal Ljøstad

Design: Subwing AS

Award / year: Award for Design Excellence - 2012

Category: Industrial design

PUBLISHED 25.04.2012 15:14

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