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STIHL X-FIT brushcutter harness

STIHL X-FIT brushcutter harness - the best one on the market

STIHL is extremely successful in terms of sales of chainsaws and brushcutters to a demanding, professional market. People who use STIHL’s brushcutters are professionals who work with brushcutters for many hours each day.

STIHL therefore wants to provide a high performance brushcutter harness that strengthens the brand and supports its profile as a quality supplier.


The jury is captivated by how the product fits into STIHL’s strategic thinking and integrated product portfolio. STIHL is not satisfied with only making superior chainsaws and brushcutters, it also develops additional products that make them better to operate and which function as brand builders.

STIHL has not just produced yet another brushcutter harness; it has made the best one on the market. The resulting harness is based on solid user insight. The harness is adjustable and fits men and women of most sizes. It is asymmetrical for optimum wearing comfort and ergonomics. It is visible in the dark, has an integrated hydration system, an emergency whistle and space for tools. The brushcutters can be loosened easily in dangerous situations, such as a fire or wasp attack. The harness has a number of great innovative features. The X-FIT bruschcutter harness makes a hard job easier.


Company: Andreas Stihl A/S

Project group company: Bjørn Sønsteby, Product professional responsibility, Andreas Stihl AS

Design: Profil Design Norge AS

Project group design company: Stig Skjølås, Design/production, Profil Design Norge AS

Award / year: Award for Design Excellence - 2011

Category: Industrial design

PUBLISHED 16.03.2011 11:30

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