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The repositioning of the traditional and vaguely vulgar spirits “sekstiprosent" (sixty percent) into "Seksti" is very well executed. The sandblasted glass expresses exclusivity, that agrees with the general visual elevation of this traditional brand. The simplicity of the visual language is accomplished through a creative logo bordering on geniality. The subtle use of colour is in harmony with a simplistic logo that spells the product name both in letters and numbers.

Company: Arcus AS

Project group company: Sturla Rooth (project manager/ category manager), Terje Thurmann-Moe (marketing manager), Halvor Heuch (distillation), Christina Pedersen (product manager)

Design: Scandinavian Design Group

Project group design company: Einar Haltlo (designer), Sven Skaara (designer), Henning Arnesen (artwork), Line Mevassvik (project manager)

Award / year: Award for Design Excellence - 2003

Category: Graphic design

PUBLISHED 21.11.2003 13:21

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