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The university bookshop Akademika has been given a strong, clear image that distinguishes this chain of bookshops from its competitors. They have adopted red as their trademark colour in the industry. The typography used in the logo reflects the feel of the old logo, but is more dynamic. The lone a - with the inverted comma is eye catching. The use of images reflects the academic bookshop’s objectives, while the overall impression is modern, verging on techno. The logo has been implemented consistently. Use of the quotation mark as part of the logo and as a background pattern on the website, carrier bags, signs and labels gives a positive impression.

Company: Akademika AS

Project group company: Jon Samuelsen, Business developer - Erik Lefstad, Marketing Executive - Henrik Holen, marketing consultant - Hildegunn Stenvik, marketing consultant - Andreas Beining, markedskonsulentMarketing Consultant

Design: Mission Design Agency

Project group design company: Gary Swindell, Creative Manager Hege Homstvedt, Senior Designer Siri Selnæs, Designer Karl Martin Sætren, Designer Steinar Danielsen, Multimedia Develoåper Zrinka Keser Wergeland, Project leader Bård Annweiler, Consultant Øystein Aurlien

Award / year: Award for Design Excellence - 2005

Category: Graphic design

PUBLISHED 21.11.2005 13:50

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