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Variér Penguin - Shell chair

picture of the Varièr Penguin

Photo: Hugo Opdal


VARIÉR PENGUIN is a shell chair designed to be used around a table in a dining-room, kitchen or family room. The chair's design is based on the need to be able to move in different directions and vary the sitting position.

Penguin has a tilt function which derives from the structure using the flexibility in the steel tubes.

Jury`s verdict

This is a conceptual chair with a bold sculptural form. The underarm supports are bent out away from the actual wooden shell and can be compared to a penguin's flippers. It feels like a real innovation and a unique way of processing a laminated surface. It is comfortable to sit on and the arm rests function as intended. It is a chair which you can sit on for a long time.

The well thought-out design is indicated by the fact that a fixture is deliberately used as a visible decorative element for the chair. The shape supports and promotes Variér's Human Design concept and adds to the collection the type of chair they had been missing until now.

Company: Variér Furniture AS

Project group company: Prosjekteier: Arild Aakre, Markedsdirektør Variér - Prosjektleder: Jeanette Løining, Industridesigner Variér - Prosjektdeltakere: Mona Svorkmo, Lars Forup, Jan Aurvåg, Eivind Aas, Janne Alice Stokseth, Jan Helge Skomsøy. - Produkteier/brand manager: Børre Andreassen

Design: Peter Opsvik AS

Project group design company: Designer: Peter Opsvik, (Peter Opsvik som skal krediteres som designer,ikke designbyrået) - Senior Designer: Per Olav Haugen, Peter Opsvik AS -

Award / year: Award for Design Excellence - 2009

Category: Furniture design

PUBLISHED 11.03.2009 16:55

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