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Varier Eight - High kitchen stool/bar stool

picture of Varièr Eight

Photo: Hugo Opdal


KITCHEN ISLANDS are becoming an increasingly common sight in Norwegian homes. Variér Eight is a bar stool with a high back, which can be tilted forwards and backwards and swivelled at 360 degrees.

It also has a foot rest and can be adjusted to different heights so that it can be used anywhere from a normal dining table to a high bar counter.

Jury`s verdict

Variér Eight has a distinctive shape, with a high degree of functionality. Traditional bar stools are not particularly good for sitting on for a long time. They are usually locked at a fixed height. This is a bar stool which you can sit comfortably on for a long time. It has a stylish look and distinctive identity. Eight is seen as having a positive link with the rest of Variér's collection where all the models stand out with their common organic shape in all their variety and uniqueness.

This chair is particularly apt for the private market as it can be used at heights ranging from normal table height to bar stool height. Its raising and moving functions are incorporated in an elegant fashion, as well as being innovative for this sector.

Company: Variér Furniture AS

Project group company: Prosjektleder: Jan Helge Skomsøy, Produktutvikler Varier Furniture - Prosjekteier: Arild Åkre, markedsdirektør - Prosjektdeltakere: Janne-Alice Stokseth, Eivind Aas - Produktansvarlig: Børre Andreassen, Brand Manager

Design: Eldøy Olav Møbeldesign AS

Award / year: Award for Design Excellence - 2009

Category: Furniture design

PUBLISHED 11.03.2009 16:55

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