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Variér Peel

"Variér Peel" is an innovative and creative chair with a strong identity. Its profile and asymmetrical form draws attention, and its concept creates associations. The idea behind the chair is the form of an orange peel, and it activates the enclosing and shielding character of a shell. "Variér Peel" is comfortable and offers opportunities for variations in sitting. It’s a tilting chair, and the footstool can be used as separate sitting device. It is already an international success.

Company: Stokke Gruppen as

Project group company: Tor Rønnestad, prosjektleder; Rune Stokke, prosjektdeltager; Wenche Kjerstad, prosjektdeltager; Jon André Teigen, prosjektdeltager; Håvard Fanum, prosjektdeltager

Design: Olav Eldøy

Project group design company: Olav Eldøy; Ole Petter Wullum, mekanisk konsept; Johan Verde, formkonsept sammen med Olav Eldøy

Award / year: Award for Design Excellence - 2002

Category: Furniture design

PUBLISHED 28.11.2002 17:00

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