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So-ro - Cradle

Photo: Erlend Bakke


The so-ro cradle rocks the child in a forward manner, like we rock babies in our arms. The cradle helps babies get to sleep quickly and is a more comfortable movement for the baby than sideways rocking.

This is based on scientific theory about the brains perception of signals from our senses. When the cradle is turned over, the baby can lie on its tummy. This position strengthens the back and encourages social interaction.

Jury`s verdict

Here the jury sees a refreshing idea that has been embodied in good design. The so-ro is innovative in its class, both in terms of design and functionality. This represents completely new thinking in a market that is open to new solutions. There are many traditional cradles on the market and it is a positive thing that someone has made the effort to present something new.

A cradle is in itself a nostalgic item, but here this traditional piece of furniture has been interpreted so that it fits beautifully into a modern home. The double functionality is practical and the slightly asymmetrical position in the form of a slight tilting of the mattress is good for the child’s reclined position. The value of the so-ro is increased by virtue of it being easy to assemble, disassemble and store.

Company: So-ro AS

Project group company: Ane Lillian Tveit, ergoterapeut, designer av so-ro vuggen, so-ro as . Hans Petter Kjeldahl Holst, Kjeldahl Holst Design

Design: Ane Lillian Tveit, Hans Petter Kjeldahl Holst

Award / year: Award for Design Excellence - 2010

Category: Furniture design

PUBLISHED 03.03.2010 12:32

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