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HÅG Futu - Office chair

picture of the HÅG Futu

Photo: Pål Laukli


HÅG has manufactured office furniture in Røros since 1943 and is currently number one in the Scandinavian market. HÅG Futu is a work chair combining the need for ergonomic comfort and individual adjustment with the desire for visual purity in an office environment.

The chair has a patented movement mechanism, HÅG inBalance, which is hidden. The seat areas are covered with the knitted textile HÅG Futuknit.
Jury`s verdict

This very stylish, smart chair is comfortable for both heavy and light people to sit on. It has many features which have been implemented in an outstanding way, both in functional and design terms. Unlike other adjustable office chairs, the back of this chair is adjusted instead of the seat. This makes the sitting position more relaxed. This chair is also innovative in terms of what has been taken away. After all, it is not a sitting machine, but a piece of furniture.

The seat cover is provided in a well thought-out and innovative way as it is knitted to fit the chair's shape, which means there is no padding in the back. Another major benefit of this chair is the way in which consideration is given to both the environment and production with the choice of material and through using less material.

Company: HÅG AS

Project group company: Prosjektleder, Christian Lodgaard, HÅG - Produktutvikler, Ivar Bordvik, HÅG - Produktutvikler, Halstein Kvangraven, HÅG - Produktutvikler, Sigmund Øvereng, HÅG - Produktutvikler, Stein Hæskja, HÅG - Tekstilutvikler, Pernille Jensen Stoltze, HÅG - Tapetseringsutvikler, Geir Bedin, HÅG - Tapetseringsutvikler, Arild Grøttan, HÅG - Prosjekteier, Hilde Britt Mellbye, HÅG

Design: KODE Design

Project group design company: HÅG Design Studio + Leif Isachsen, Kode Design / Marianne Støren Berg, Kode Design

Award / year: Award for Design Excellence - 2009

Category: Furniture design

PUBLISHED 11.03.2009 16:55

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