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HÅG Capisco Puls

HÅG Capisco Puls is the result of a fantastic redesign process of a design icon from the 1980s

Foto: Per Gunnarsson www.pgfotograf.com


Designer Peter Opsvik suggested that HÅG redevelop the classic chair and style icon Capisco by creating a plastic version of it.

Compared to a padded office chair, this choice of material would give the chair lightness, energy and a lower price. Of course, it also had to be developed safely in accordance with HÅG’s continually strict requirements for ergonomics and the environment.

Little material. A lot of chair.

HÅG Capisco Puls is the result of a fantastic redesign process. Together with Peter Opsvik and his team, HÅG has redeveloped a design icon from the 1980s. The chair is among the most unique pieces of Norwegian furniture ever produced. As the main material, plastic is a good choice in terms of the environment and production, and it also highlights the sculptural shape of the chair. There is only cushioning and covering on the chair’s sitting points.  

It is an innovative form of covering where the textile is clamped between the seating components. Although the use of material is rational, the chair has good ergonomics and responds perfectly to HÅG’s philosophy for active posture. Excellent innovation in production and design. The chair is assembled with only six bolts and the rest is snap fittings. This is quality across the board.

Company: Scandinavian Business Seating AS

Project group company: Project group: Kristin Ruth Amdal, Project Manager, SB Seating AS - Marius Sollie, Technical Prodject Manager, SB Seating AS - Pernille Jensen Stoltze, Tekstile Designer, SB Seating AS - Halstein Kvangraven, Constructor, SB Seating AS - Jan Sandnes, Contact Supplier, SB Seating AS - Geir Bedin, Decorators, SB Seating AS - Arild Grøttan, Decorators, SB Seating AS - John Skårdalsmo, Decorators, SB Seating AS - Ivar Bordvik, Constructor, SB Seating AS - Karl Peter Johansen, Project Manager production and logistics, SB Seating AS - Bjørn Engan, Production Development, SB Seating AS - John Anders Spencer, Testing Responsible, SB Seating AS

Design: Peter Opsvik as

Project group design company: Peter Opsvik, designer, Peter Opsvik AS - Per Olav Haugen, designer, Peter Opsvik AS - Markus Høy-Petersen, designer, Peter Opsvik AS - Nils Seiersted, designer, Peter Opsvik AS

Award / year: Award for Design Excellence - 2011

Category: Furniture design

PUBLISHED 16.03.2011 11:30

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