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Design Day 2. April 2014

Design Day seminar

From 09.30 until 16.00



09.30 | Welcome

Moderators:  Jan R. Stavik, Managing Director, Norwegian Design Council
& Ted Matthews, Center for Design Research, Oslo School of Architecture and Design.

Monica Mæland, Minister of Trade and Industry (in Norwegian)


09.50 | DIP DIP hurrah! (in Norwegian)

Skule Storheill, Director R&D and Innovation Programmes, Norwegian Design Council

Come and experience the innovation tool of the future!

Everyone speaks warmly about how important it is to put the user at the center of their product and service innovation, but very few do it in practice. Design-driven Innovation Program (DIP) put words into action and the results are beginning to show. Take a journey underwater to see how the oil industry make use of mussels. Come back up and discover the fantastic halibuts and new farming concepts.

We eventually make it back to Norway's largest hospital, Oslo University Hospital, and see how the same methods can solve important challenges in the health sector. Here they have shortened the diagnostic time for breast cancer patients by 90%! What does this means in practice - and why did this not end in another report neatly placed in the nearest drawer?

If the patient could decide (in Norwegian)

 Andreas Moan, Project Director, Oslo University Hospital
 & Marie Hartmann, Interaction Design Manager & Partner, Designit





10.50 | What for whom before how (in Norwegian)

Lillian Olsen, Managing Director, Halogen

What comes before technology? The problem is not having good ideas, but to understand the right issue at hand.  How can designers be relevant and add value in innovation and product development? Many technology companies are world leading with their products, but forget that innovation is also about exploring the connections between people, products, business model, processes and experiences. Learn to explore the innovative possibilities before choosing technology.



11.30 | Lunch - Street food the Nor-way

12.10 | Creative Destruction:
Design as an agent for change in complex systems

Lorna Ross, Director Service Design, Mayo Clinic Centre for Innovation (USA)

Design as a discipline has migrated from its function as an element of the manufacturing economy to the service economy, consistent in its focus on the end user. Service design is a research based specialization of traditional product design with roots in ethnography, and systems thinking. It is effective in determining the most optimum touch points for customers to access a service and how these access points , in aggregate, become the experience. Originally, industries such as retail, banking and hospitality pioneered the use of service design specialists in response to the blurring of real and virtual worlds and the need to manage across them. Mayo clinic is the pioneer in the healthcare arena, being the first medical community globally to leverage the service design competency actively.



12.45 | Living the brand. Building a culture. (partly in Norwegian)

Nicholas Ind, author, Partner Equilibrium Consulting and Ass. Professor at Oslo School of Management 
& Gørill Kvamme, Managing Director, Neue Design Studio

This presentation reinforces the role of the brand as a central organising principle that helps to define the actions of leaders and employees as well as the best use of design. We will show how the brand, when properly used, can help organisations better understand their purpose and connect more effectively with their stakeholders. Featuring examples such as Patagonia, Burberry, Greenpeace International and the development of the new identity for Norwegian Meteorological Institute, we will show how companies can create compelling stories.

www.nicholasind.com →



13.40 | Pause

14.10 | When do design & innovation add value to business?

Frans Joziasse, Founding Partner, Park Advanced Design Management (Netherland)
& Allan Krog Erlandsen, Head of Program Management Office, Bang & Olufsen (Denmark)


What are the success criteria  for design and innovation to add value to business?
Leadership and management will be the two key elements of this presentation. Frans will use a generic framework and apply that on some case studies. Bang & Olufsen will be the lead case of which Alan Krog Erlandsen, the I2 project lead, will be presenting the journey that B&O and PARK made of developing and implementing a framework of integrated Design & Innovation Management. 

www.park-design-management.com →




15.00 | Get UP / Stand UP
– the call for evangelical design leadership

Jim Couch, Vice President and Design Evangelist, Lextant (USA)

Historically speaking, "design" has been terribly misunderstood.  Lack of alignment, an inability to measure its contribution, multiple definitions, subjective interpretations and ever-changing characterizations have not helped.  But the tide is turning.  A design awakening is afoot!  The business world is beginning to realize the limits of their unilateral, hyper-rational, objective logic. They've come to realize that in order to stay ahead of their competition, to deliver meaningful and memorable experiences to their customers, they need something greater - design.  Not design as some complimentary, commercial art service.  But design as a core strategic asset.  The time is now.  Design leaders need to stand up, seize the moment and save business, education, government and the world.

www.lextant.com →


15.40 | 5/15 – five designers in fifteen minutes (in Norwegian)

A meeting with five designers who in a unique way – in 180 seconds – will present a creative message. This year’s challenge is visualisation as a tool for understanding, direction, decisions and inspiration.

The five you will meet are:

Visualisation of complex systems
Adrian Paulsen, designer, Halogen

Visualisation of data
Angela Morelli, Information designer, teacher and international speaker

Visualisation of product dna
Ian Sandmæl, Creative Director, WORK

Visualisation as a tool for co-creation
Martin Gran, Partner and Managing Director, Snøhetta Brand Design

Visualisation in design processes
Sigrun Vik, Senior Designer, EGGS Design

16.00 | Break

Award Ceremony

From 16.30 until 19.30

Moderator: Haddy N’jie.

16.30 | Part I - Award for Design Excellence

18.00 | Break

18.30 | Part II – Young Talent Award, Design for All Award, Honours Award for Design Excellence

19.30 | Break

Design Day Celebration

From 20.15 until 01.00

Welcome to celebration, dinner and party!

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