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The Teams and their Presentations

Meet the five teams that participated in the Citizen Focused Challenge 2014 and how they solved the challenge.

  • Team Leaders

    Team Leaders

    A presentation of the team leaders  Les mer

  • Kick-off Citizen Focused Design Challenge

    Kick-off Citizen Focused Design Challenge

    VIDEO: Challenge Champion Mark Dyer and Challenge Facilitator Ted Matthews presents the brief and kick off the 24 hour Citizen Focused Design Challenge....  Les mer

  • Team Purple

    Team Purple

    PLAYable – a temporary installation that modifies your interaction with the city.  Les mer

  • Team Green

    Team Green

    Winner of best presentation: Public Interaction Platform  Les mer

  • Team Orange

    Team Orange

    Give a thumb! Visualization of the invisible  Les mer

  • Team Blue

    Team Blue

    Winner of best idea: Hero Network – People helping People.  Les mer

  • Team Pink

    Team Pink

    The Societree – making waiting a collective experience  Les mer