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Winners of Inclusive Design Challenge

BEST IDEA: The winning team receive congratulations from Minister of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion, Inga Marte Thorkildsen. Photo: John Hughes.

Oslo: For the third time in Norway, and after 24 exhausting hours, four design teams presented their inclusive design concepts. The audience voted a digital application that enables users to match their needs to specific locations as the best idea.

Four teams of designers were assigned the task of designing an inclusive product or service. The project had to be submitted within the space of 24 hours, taking as its basis the needs of a creative partner in each group who represented user needs through being in some way or another – differently abled.

Good morning! After 40hrs awake as part of the 24h inclusive design challenge. New friends, new concepts & new self awareness #ebw2012


The conference audience voted Blue Team's digital application MyWay as best idea while Pink Team was awarded Best Presentation with the presentation of their modular building kit CommuniKit.

Minister of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion Inga Marte Thorkildsen presented the winners of the design challenge who were selected based on audience vote.

42 hours awake. Amazing new friends and lots of design concepts/ideas. That's what #ebw2012 and 24h inclusive design challenge is about!


The challenge took place for the third time in Oslo as a part of European Business Workshops in Inclusive Design 2012. The workshops were organised by the Norwegian Design Council in collaboration with the Royal College of Art Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design on the 7th and 8th of June at DogA, the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture in Oslo.

Winner of Best Idea

MyWay – a digital application the enables a range of users to match their needs to specific locations or create spontaneous days


  • Leader: Siri Selnæs, Design Manager Klipp og Lim Media
  • Martin Johnson, BA product design UiOA
  • Malgorzata Wesolowska, MA Industrial Design student AHO
  • Lene Bergersen, Industrial Designer at Inventas
  • Terese Aarland, Designer Logica UX
  • Stig Eivind Stabell, designer Offshore Simulator Centre
  • Lucy Carruthers, Exhibition Designer at Event Communications
  • Aud Irene Syverstuen, design partner


Winner of Best Presentation

CommuniKit – a modular building kit for backyards and open spaces


  • Leader: Elizabeth Walmann, Design Manager DesignAid AS
  • Eli Toftøy-Andersen,interaction designer, Senior User Experience Consultant at Steria
  • Asveig Marie Jellestad, BA student Product Design HiOA
  • Maren Skyrudsmoen, MA Industrial Design AHO
  • Fanny Antonsdóttir, Independent designer
  • Nicolai Låstad, MA Industrial Design student Østfold Uni.
  • Johanna Figur Waddington, Owner, Figur+Waddington
  • Scholastique Mbaka, design partner


Runners up:

XO-ExtraOrdinary a professional network where design partners can sell insight into their experiences, to inspire and guide you to innovate better products and services


  • Leader: Guy Robinson, Director Sprout Design Ltd.
  • Siri Syversen, Industrial designer MNID industri designer SSD
  • Julia-Erika Lorch-Falch, Web designer at Logica UX-team
  • Reidar Oksavik, Graphic Design Consultance Tine AS
  • Camilla Monrad-Krohn, MA Industrial Design AHO
  • Jürgen Breiter, Freelance Urban Curator
  • Ida Noemi Vidal, Industrial designer Techni
  • Linn Siri Martinussen, design partner


Konkylie a sound based system that addresses the universal need for communication


  • Leader: Prof. Mark Dyer, Professor, Trinity College Dublin
  • Ingjerd Jevnaker, strategy and concept developer Logica UX
  • Helena Nora Vitola, Designer at Sprout Design Ltd.
  • Marit Karin Støylen, MA Industrial design AHO
  • Johan Krogh Eide, Ma Service Design student at AHO
  • Heidi Bragerhaug, freelance Marketing Strategist & Advisor
  • Daniel Butler, Creative Consultant & Concept Developer
  • Jared F. Hanscom, President and owner Utility Movement Corporation
  • Bjarne Grevsgard, design partner
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