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Julia Cassim, Visiting Senior Research Fellow at the Royal College of Art Helen Hamlyn Centre of Design in London, facilitated the 24 Hour Inclusive Design Challenge.

About Julia Cassim

Much of Julia Cassim’s career has been spent in Japan where she went as a postgraduate sculpture scholarship student.

She worked as arts columnist of The Japan Times, founded a non-profit organisation for visually impaired people working with them to increase cognitive and physical access to museum collections of art and artefacts. She has also curated and designed award-winning exhibitions for audiences with visual impairments and learning disabilities documented in her book on the subject.

Returning to the UK in l998, she joined the Helen Hamlyn Research Centre for Design at the Royal College of Art in 2000 where she is Visiting Senior Research Fellow. Since 2000, her research focus has been the involvement of disabled people in the design process as a spur to innovation and inclusive thinking and the development of knowledge transfer methodologies about inclusive design to the design and business communities.

She organises the annual DBA Inclusive Design Challenge and Challenge Workshops of shorter duration on an international basis.

Julia Cassim, Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Royal College of Art Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, London

PUBLISERT 01.02.2012 11:02

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