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Norwegian Design set to light up London

Kristine Five Melvær

Designer Kristine Five Melvær and her Spring lamp. Photo: Erik Five Gunnerud / Norwegian Design Council.


Oslo: Up and coming and established designers and top class manufacturers are joining forces to put Norway on the map during the world's most important design festival. “100% Norway is celebrating its 10th anniversary with its strongest ever Norwegian design exhibition,” said Jan R. Stavik of the Norwegian Design Council.

The exhibition will be on show from 18 to 22 September at Tent London as part of the internationally celebrated London Design Festival.

“100% Norway is a unique springboard for introducing Norwegian design on the international stage. Over the past 10 years, the festival has helped designers such as Northern Lighting, Wik & Walsøe and Magnus Pettersen become known in Europe and the rest of the world,” explains Curator Benedicte Sunde.

Video: 2 curators, 2 cities

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To celebrate our 10th anniversary we've created a small series of films to present our brand new theme for the 2013 show and to introduce you to a handful of our designers. We kick off the series with our fabulous co-curators Henrietta Thompson and Benedicte Sunde who tell us more about their curation process and what's coming up.

A total of 148 designers and companies have been on show at 100% Norway since the first exhibition in 2003. The London Design Festival is geared towards influential media, manufacturers and buyers from all round the world. The exhibition generates tremendous international media attention every year and helps connect designers with manufacturers.

Icons and future stars

The 10th anniversary show is exhibiting the work of 10 young design talents and 10 of Norway's leading established designers side by side. The exhibition is supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Norwegian Embassy in London and the Norwegian Design Council.

“Our aim with the exhibition is to showcase icons of Norwegian furniture and interior design and at the same time point to an exciting future. The prevailing themes this year are light and nature, two of the things that make Norway so exotic to the outside world,” said Sunde, who is curating 100% Norway again this year in partnership with Wallpaper* Magazine editor at large Henrietta Thompson.

Nordic light is symbolised in the form of a three metre in diameter light sculpture, Sun, by artists Christine Istad and Elizabeth Pacini. The art installation has been shipped from Tromsø in the far north of Norway to the east end of London.

The environment and time squeezing the inspiration

Kristine Five Melvær is one of Norway’s leading up and coming designers. She has been chosen as one of the 10 young talents in the exhibition, and has already marked her presence with several of her products now in production.

“My generation of designers is working from the premises of our time. Growing concern about the environment is leading to a greater focus on quality and production processes. Squeezing time is the inspiration for everyday objects with a sensuality you want to linger over,” explained Melvær.

She is presenting four collections in London, and is looking for producers for three of them. The fourth, “Soft Bowls”, is already in production at When Objects Work in Belgium, and Melvær is hoping to interest retailers at the exhibition.

Video: 2 chairs, 2 generations

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For decades Peter Opsvik, one of Norway's most established product designers, has sought to inspire people to new, more dynamic ways of sitting. Relative newcomer to the design scene, Lars Beller seeks alternative ways of thinking about sustainable design, initiating his processes by thoroughly investigating material properties and new and unexpected combinations from them. Here we film these talented designers as they discuss their personal design philosophies and what drives them.

Gateway to manufacturers and retailers

This is the designer's second appearance at 100% Norway, and she has high hopes of this year's exhibition. “Exhibiting last year was a fantastic experience and I gained massive media coverage. In the wake of this, I attracted the attention of several manufacturers, and seven prototype collections are now going into production. I also made valuable contact with British retailers whom I can approach now as the prototypes go into production,” added Melvær.

Important dialogue

This year 100% Norway is hosting its own events during the exhibition period, and has invited one of the world's leading designers, Tom Dixon, to take part in a talk with the talented young Norwegian designers. For many years Dixon has been particularly keen to bring young designers and manufacturers together.

“The fact that Tom Dixon is now taking a closer look at Norwegian design, says something about the high level and international recognition Norwegian design has attained. Ten years of assiduous attendance at the London Design Festival and extensive coverage in international press have truly put Norwegian design on the world map. We believe Norwegian design has a very bright future,” says Benedicte Sunde.

Video: Defining Norwegian design

What is Norwegian design? Investigating national stereotypes and questioning what being a designer means on the world stage today, we meet a handful of designers involved in this years 100% Norway show, and chat with our curators Henrietta Thompson and Benedicte Sunde.



Norwegian Design Council:
Benedicte Sunde, curator
Phone: +47 450 49 307

Grete Kobro, Communications Director
Phone: +47 907 65 971

This article has been written by Pressenytt on behalf of the Norwegian Design Council. Pressenytt has editorial responsibility for the content of this article.

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100% Norway has been showcasing some of the best of Norwegian furniture and interior design for ten years.

Opens doors to international markets for Norwegian designers and manufacturers

Is part of the London Design Festival, one of the world's largest and most important arenas for furniture and interior design.

100% Norway is supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Norwegian Embassy in London and the Norwegian Design Council.