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Norwegian design in export drive

HONOURS AWARD TO LOYDS PAXSTER: “On behalf of the county of Østfold, we have now shown that we can design and produce very good products,” says Bård Eker (right) from Eker Design, pictured here with Kristin Skogen Lund, president of the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise and designer Ulf Tolfsen from Loyds Industri. Photo: Johnny Syversen / Norwegian Design Council.

They have designed Europe’s most efficient and environmentally friendly vehicle for postal deliveries, and now the vehicle is on the verge of an export drive. Now Loyds Industri, Eker Design and Norway Post have won the Honours Award for Design Excellence for the postal delivery vehicle Loyds Paxster.

“We are all from the county of Østfold south-east of Oslo, a county not renowned as a centre of innovation. In other words, we had some catching up to do. But I think now we have shown that we can design, we can make a contribution to industry and we can produce very good products,” said Bård Eker from Eker Design on receiving the Honours Award for Design Excellence.

“It is important that trade and industry dare to think inventively, adds Kristin Skogen Lund, president of the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise and presenter of the Honours Award for Design Excellence during Design Day, the most prestigious event for showcasing Norwegian design and innovation. “Design is a strategic tool to promote innovation in Norway. It boosts competitiveness and creates tomorrow’s winners.”

Thea Mehl, project manager with the Norwegian Design Council, reports that a number of Norwegian companies use strategic design as a tool for achieving ambitious international goals: “Loyds Paxster is a unique product that is 100% designed for the job it is required for, namely to deliver the post. It is an ergonomic, environmentally friendly, efficient and attractive workplace with tremendous international potential."

The Honours Award for Design Excellence showcases those who stand out in the field of design. The aim is to inspire trade and industry to invest in design methodology in order to increase competitive ability and value creation. Loyds Industri received the Honours Award for Design Excellence in strong competition with Blaaster Wind Technologies, Stay and Norwegian Sea Rescue.

37 million packages

While we sent 8% fewer letters in 2012 than in the year before, the number of packages sent remained stable thanks to the growth in internet business. 9 out of 10 Nordic consumers purchased goods via the internet in 2012, and the volume of internet-based business is projected to increase by 20% this year. Last year, over 37 million packages were sent through Norway Post. This places entirely new demands on both the group and the individual mail carrier.

The brief from Norway Post was: “Design for us a vehicle that will contribute to lower costs, greater efficiency and reduced emissions”. Loyds Industri, based in Sarpsborg, which had previously only had experience of fitting car interiors, seized the opportunity.

The result was Loyds Paxster, Europe’s most efficient and environmentally friendly vehicle for delivering post. The innovative design not only takes into account every conceivable ergometric consideration in the daily work of a mail carrier, it also contributes to preventing injuries caused by handling heavy weights.

As a result of this newly developed, pioneering design, Loyds has now won a major tender with Norway Post under which it will supply several hundred vehicles over a period of some years, and the first six will soon be seen on postal routes in Kristiansand, Stavanger, Mandal and Lillehammer. Nearer the summer, it is expected that more Loyds Paxster vehicles will be seen on Norwegian roads.

Now, Østfold-based Loyds Industri is poised to enter the international postal market. Eirik Lier, marketing manager with Loyds Industri in Norway, comments: “We have qualified to take part in a tender in France and we are also noting great interest in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Austria and a number of other countries.”

User-friendliness in the driver’s seat

The project began with Loyds Industri’s designers observing the daily work of mail carriers in all types of weather. The perspective was to focus on and systematise details in the daily work routine. Then they got down to the meticulous work of building a prototype from scratch. Eker Design, which has extensive experience from the car industry, was brought in to help with modelling and finalising development of the body parts of the vehicle. Important considerations such as seating position, getting in and out of the vehicle, load capacity and user-friendliness were given absolute priority.

The designers added a roof to the vehicle, both to provide protection against inclement weather and to avoid the mail carrier having to wear a helmet all the time. The battery was placed at a low centre of gravity for better stability. The boxes containing the mail can be easily accessed from both sides of the vehicle, and the mail carrier sits on a saddle seat to make it easier to get in and out of the vehicle. All this is aimed at reducing the time spent on delivery per letter, package or brochure to you and me.

– A design boost

The vehicle batteries last the entire route, ergonomics are good and it is possible to drive right up to the postboxes, which saves both time and effort. And with a weight capacity of up to 200 kg, the need for depot stops along the route is reduced.

Eirik Lier adds: “75% of the cost of sending a letter is accounted for by this last link in the value chain, which is now receiving a welcome technological and design boost.”

And since Loyds Paxster runs on electricity and is made from recyclable materials, CO2 emissions will be reduced by up to 2.1 tonnes per year for every diesel vehicle replaced.

This article was written by Pressenytt for Norwegian Design Council. Pressenytt has editorial responsibility for the contents of the article.

PUBLISHED 13.06.2013 12:46

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