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New national organisation for design and architecture

Jan Oksum, chairman of the board at Norwegian design coucil, Minister of Culture Hadia Tajik, Minister of Trade and Industry Trond Giske and Anniken Thue, chairman of the board at Norsk Form. Photo: Sverre Gunnar Haga.

Norway’s Ministry of Trade and Industry and Ministry of Culture are founding a new organisation for design- and architecture. The Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture will be established by 01.01.2014. This was announced in the government’s Revised National Budget for 2013.

– Good design and architecture may help solve important challenges in society, whether it’s about environmentally friendly buildings, the quality of development in urban areas, or public service innovation. I believe that working closer together within these professians, and towards the various target audiences, will lead to renewed strength, says Minister of Culture, Hadia Tajik.

The Norwegian Design Council and Norsk Form (the Foundation for Design and Architecture in Norway) will cease to exist. Budgetary and administrative consequences will be addressed in the National Budget for 2014.

– There is a lot to gain by working more closely and coherently. Where culture meets business, the centre will have the ability to tie together and contribute to political policies, both cultural and trade-specific. The new organisation will become even more vigorous and forceful, says Minister of Trade and Industry, Trond Giske.

The Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture will report to the Ministry of Trade and Industry. The Ministry of Culture will assist in outlining priorities and budgets. Trade and culture will be equally weighted in the new organisation.

The purpose of the new organisation will be a continuation of the aims and objects of the Norwegian Design Council and Norsk Form as they are defined today. The new organisation will be able to consider its purposes more cohesively, work more coherently towards its target audiences, and ensure increased efficiency.

The centre will promote the understanding, knowledge and use of design and architecture from a commercial and societal perspective. The centre will promote quality and innovation through design and architecture in order to develop its surroundings, products and services, and to stimulate innovation, efficiency and increased value creation within Norwegian trade and public sector.

PUBLISHED 21.05.2013 12:01

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