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Designing With A Purpose

Book cover of Berman's 'Do Good Design'.

Book cover of Berman's 'Do Good Design'.


The Norwegian Design Council in cooperation with GRAFILL and KHIO invites you to the seminar Developing Your Sustainable Project Strategy: Quadruple-Bottom Line Design Thinking, with David Berman.

Designing for the future:

The Norwegian Design Council, Grafill and KHIO has invited international acclaimed David B. Berman, author of Do Good Design, and a graphic design and communications expert to host a full day seminar targeting the Norwegian business and design community on how to build a sustainable project strategy with a focus on bottom line thinking.


What does sustainable design mean
to you and where you work?

E-mail jh@norskdesign.no,
and you could win a signed book.

(No need to take the time to write it well, or even use complete sentences: Your response will never be shared. It will help us make the event more to the point and meaningful for you and your company).


Seminar program:

09.00 – 09.45 Business Breakfast : Designing With A Purpose (introduction talk)

It is not enough to have great design: we need great design that gets the right things done. Thought leader and author David Berman R.G.D.introduces some of the proven and celebrated techniques that unleash imagination, establish control, avoid hurdles and fully exploit opportunities in language that demystifies the sustainable strategic communications process.

10.00 – 16.00 Developing Your Sustainable Project Strategy: Quadruple-Bottom Line Design Thinking

In a world of sustainable goals and shrinking budgets, David Berman wants you to have the strategic outcomes both you and your planet deserve. He's been a senior strategist for Canada's three largest Web presences, and advises the United Nations... and he has a passion for sharing knowledge: he's presented in over 20 countries on how design thinking can improve things.

In one day, David will personally share the systematic, sustainable framework he's developed over 20 years of strategic thinking, that will help your products, your clients, your culture, and your career. Without a strategic system, no matter how many hours you labour, you'll fall further behind, waste resources and opportunity.

Plan for sustainability.
Plan for social media.
Plan for accessibility.
Plan for success.

If your communication channels are falling short of their potential, join us in Oslo. You'll learn where to start, how to get results, and how to maintain and repeat your successes.

NOTE: Registration to a full seminar also includes the Business Breakfast. 

Special invitation to senior management of companies who have employees registered for the full seminar:  Join us just for the Business Breakfast talk from 09.00 – 09.45.  

PUBLISHED 11.07.2011 11:09